Summer Giveaway

Summer Giveaway

Those who follow Remint on social media are presumably already familiar with the announcements in this brief news update. Therefore, this information is more or less a reminder for those.

A huge giveaway is live on our Twitter page, where every participant has the chance to win 10 000 remint coins. Five winners will share the prize pool of 50 000 remint coins, and the competition will continue until July 20th. Everyone with a Twitter account can participate; the tasks required are easily achievable and take less than 30 seconds. So be sure to join before times up in order to double or maybe 10x your balance, depending on your current Remint balance.

Also, we will launch a new app update soon. This update will include a new and enhanced referral system and a counter displaying all mined coins (at the present time). The new referral system will increase the word-of-mouth effect by far and the counter will provide the community with a better insight into the active Remint supply.

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