Remint Network: Token Scarcity

Remint Network: Token Scarcity

DEFLATIONARY MECHANISMS: Currently, each transaction conducted using the P2P feature within the Remint app incurs a transaction fee. These fees are subsequently subtracted from the circulating supply. Soon we will organize burn events aimed at further decreasing the coin supply. However, unlike the gradual reduction achieved by deducting a small portion of coins via transactional fees, these burn events will involve substantial reductions in coin amounts all at once.

PRE-MINED COIN DEPLETION: One of the primary factors that significantly contributes to maintaining the scarcity of the Remint token is the projected pre-mined coins that will never hit the market due to accounts being forgotten or inactive. Based on our calculations, this corresponds to roughly 35% of all coins that are mined prior to listing. In addition, these forgotten coins will eventually be removed trough burn events, leading to a significant reduction in both the circulating supply and the overall total supply.

TOKEN LOCKUP STRATEGIES: A staking mechanism and a vesting schedule will be implemented, automatically locking up a significant portion of the token supply (the exact extent of which is not yet decided upon). This effectively restricts the circulating supply over the designated timeframe, a crucial measure that mitigates the risk of rapid devaluation that could potentially occur otherwise.

SELLING FEES ON EXCHANGE: We will stabilize the Remint token’s value by introducing selling fees that will contribute to the token’s growth. When users engage in selling Remint tokens, a portion of the transaction value is directed towards the implementation of selling fees. The revenue from these fees is then reinvested into the liquidity pool through an automatic mechanism designed to bolster the token’s value. This incentivizes users to hold onto their tokens, rather than selling them.

THE REMINT FUND: Today, there are numerous stablecoins in the market, tokens pegged to assets to prevent the volatility factor of their respective market values. This approach is far from optimal, because by eliminating volatility, it hampers a currency’s genuine potential for rapid growth. Therefore, we are introducing the Remint fund – a revolutionary concept that has the potential to revolutionize the crypto market by harnessing the strengths of both sides – maintaining token stability while also facilitating rapid growth. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to section 5.4 in our whitepaper (link provided below).

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