Update & Giveaway

Update & Giveaway

We just ended the ”Remint Summer Giveaway” and announced our five winners on Twitter with other social media platforms. As always, the number of people who participated was impressive, with almost 8 000 participants. So please go ahead and visit our social media to find out whether you are one of the lucky winners.

Concerning the new app update we promised, it just finished. However, it will undergo a test period before becoming available to the community.
The improved referral system will allow users to speed up their earnings to a far greater level than ever before. Therefore, a user’s success in growing their own Remint balance will mainly be dictated by and be highly dependent on their number of referrals. We have chosen to implement this profitable referral system to scale up the project further.
We can also do so because of the relatively small amount of all total coins mined up until this point compared to the project’s total supply. In the future, halving and burning will be conducted as well to ensure scarcity.

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