Use Case of Remint Token

Use Case of Remint Token

As the Remint project progresses, more use cases will be introduced to thriving markets, including NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and Metaverse. But for now, the following are the first in line and most fundamental for Remint.

Remint will have its marketplace DApp (Decentralized application) where buying/selling real estate and renting/renting out properties will be the primary objective. The main currency used when making such real estate-related deals will be Remint. The DApp will link to the cryptocurrency market, collecting data (in real-time) and receiving Remint’s current market price to provide the correct value (there and then) when transfers are being made between counterparts. Most transfers will be conducted via the peer-to-peer model, with no need for any financial intermediaries.

Remint will issue at least three different smart debit cards to its members on request, and they will all possess a different set of features. Examples of such features are financial interest, score system, cash-back function, and staking. Furthermore, every card holder is eligible to create an account with us and see and handle every smart function linked to their specific card. These cards will be attached to crypto wallets that provide a decentralized payment method for its users. The utilization of these cards will not be restricted to one particular market; it will be possible to buy products and services in most industries by converting crypto to fiat money and therefore resembles a visa card in terms of purchase practicality. However, specific incentives will be apparent when making purchases in the real estate branch, e.g., hotel visits and renting properties.

Furthermore, a Remint real estate fund will be organized for community members to invest in. The idea is for individuals to invest an optional amount of Remint coins into the fund by staking it for a period of time and in return receive an interest rate dependent on the fund’s progression. This interest will then be deposited into the investor’s wallet (connected to a debit card issued by Remint), for this cardholder to spend or hold as they prefer. The total amount invested into the pool will be used to purchase real estate properties worldwide. These properties will then be renovated before hitting the market again or rented out to tenants to secure an ever-growing rate in the fund as well as create a healthy profit margin for all investors to capitalize on.

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