Giveaway update & Twitter milestone

Giveaway update & Twitter milestone

New ”$10 000 Remint Giveaway” update. Four new Twitter-related tasks have been added to the page, holding seven entries in total. So you’ll be rewarded with seven entries/tickets when they’re accomplished. To participate in the giveaway, visit and click giveaway in the site menu.

Our Twitter account recently surpassed 100 000 followers, which is a significant milestone in terms of social media growth. Yet, to compete with Elon Musk on Twitter, we need to grow a little bit bigger – ONLY 1036 times which is the equivalent of Musk’s follower base. All jokes aside, Remint’s follower base on Twitter is highly valuable for the project in many regards.

When we analyze data, we witness the powerful impact it has on acquiring new app users by spreading the message extensively on the platform. In addition, the user base is an essential parameter used when measuring a cryptocurrency project’s competence and potential, as well as ensuring sufficient demand when listed. Investors and centralized exchanges are in particular prevalent in evaluating this matter.

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