New update available

New update available

The new update is now available for all Reminters. So do go ahead and download it if you haven’t already. The update comes with a completely new referral system, a ping function, a list of all your (active and inactive) team members, and an overview of Remint’s total circulating supply, which updates daily.

The improved referral system now allows you to gain a 25% higher mining rate for every referral added to your team, as long as you and your referee have initiated your earning sessions. So if you refer just five people to your team, your potential mining rate increases drastically, up to 125%. In addition, activating the new ping function will notify all your inactive team members and remind them to initiate their mining session.

There is a commonly asked question among Reminters – How do I acquire more referrals? We will therefore come up with a list of referral tips which will be presented in an upcoming news update.

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