How to gain more referrals

How to gain more referrals

Here are five practical tips for adding more referrals to your mining team in order to boost your mining rate, and of course, always include your referral code when sharing.

1. Reach out to influencers and friends with a considerable base of followers and ask them to share with their audience.

2. Post and comment in different groups and forums in the crypto space. However, don’t just share your referral code; instead, put some effort into the post or comment (can’t stress this enough), ensuring a far greater conversion rate.

3. Leave us a review on Google Play with your referral code. People do read opinions from others more often than one can expect.

4. Add a Remint link to your e-mail signature. People receiving those e-mails will likely ask about it or look it up on their own out of curiosity.

5. Lastly, follow your referral count in ”Weekly” and ”All time” when you try new ways of acquiring referrals. It will give you a better understanding of what referral strategy is working and what is not.

Stay ready; more referral tips are coming soon.

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