Ever-increasing market price

Ever-increasing market price

One of the most critical aspects when it comes to the progression and success of a cryptocurrency project is, in general, the supply & demand relation. In the end, it’s precisely this aspect that determines the price of every single cryptocurrency on the market.

Most cryptocurrencies have a high volatility factor (except stablecoins: USDT and USDC etc.) which could be detrimental for most of them due to the fact they can lose great value in the shortest of times.
Our vision is to reduce the volatility factor by a lot, preventing significant price drops without making Remint token into the typical stablecoin.

We want to establish a fundamental base that Remint token can build upon, which can ensure an ever-increasing price with only minor dips. That’s why we will create the ”Remint fund”, which will act as collateral to the Remint token. Everyone willing to stake a part of their holding of Remints in the fund will gain an interest rate of the fund’s total profit as a monthly source of income. The fund’s profit comes from real estate deals (including commercial real estate) made by our team, and the best thing about the real estate market is that it is very lucrative and the prices always go up in the long run.

Now you ask, why would the ”Remint fund” ensure an ever-growing market price in the Remint token? The short answer is; People who want to join the ”Remint fund” either have mined our token or need to buy Remint tokens on exchange before they can stake them in the fund. This will lead to more people buying and fewer people selling, increasing Remints market price.

A more detailed answer is; If we make the fund very beneficial for its investors by connecting financial incitements to it, it will create a high demand for those people to buy in. If a lot of bigger as well as smaller investors want to invest in the fund, they have first to buy Remint tokens on the exchange in order to stake a portion of those in the fund’s token pool. This in turn, will ensure a rise in buying orders and a fall in selling orders, leading to an automatic increase in Remint’s price. This will not occur once or twice but will keep going as long as the Remint fund is active. Because of that, the prediction is an ever-growing price of the Remint token.

If you want to read up on the fund concept, you can visit one of our previous news updates called ”Use case of Remint token!”.

I advise reading this section more than once because this is a crucial part of the Remint vision and one of the most prominent use cases in the Remint ecosystem.

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