Remint whitepaper update

Remint whitepaper update

A new and refined version of the current white paper will be released in a couple of weeks, containing much more details about the Remint project. However, all dates will be kept the same as stated in the initial white paper, and no changes which are not in the community’s best interest will be made. In addition, we will adjust Remint’s total supply to a minimum of 750 million and a maximum of 2.5 billion.

The following text is just a piece of a section in the upgraded white paper: Multiple advantages are immediately evident when integrating blockchain technology into the real estate market, causing a positive impact that far exceeds an otherwise rather insufficient and regulated market as is.

The merging technology set a new standard in the market, where it does not require the involvement of intermediaries like real estate brokers, realtors, agents, governments, or banks. Rather, it allows for exchanging data through a distributed ledger system that operates in a decentralized manner, providing high-value benefits such as security, privacy, and cost-efficiency to vendors and purchasers.

Remint Network is the solution to insufficient resources and poorly managed yet accepted processes in the real estate industry. To address current market problems, our team will set out to build a platform that handles various forms of real estate deals. The platform will be fueled by smart contracts that enable individuals to make real estate deals, e.g., buying or renting out properties in a decentralized fashion through a peer-to-peer network. In addition, an adequate system will be in place to ensure that all trades conducted on the platform will be carried out in an environment providing high security, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.

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