Remint whitepaper release

Remint whitepaper release

We just released a new version of the Remint white paper on the Remint website. So, be sure to check it out because it contains a lot of interesting content, which is important for Remint users to understand when we move towards target goals together in unity. The other day, we announced a Total Supply of 750 million – 2.5 billion. These figures have been further lowered to 550 million – 1.9 billion due to an additional, comprehensive evaluation of the total supply. However, as our hard-working chat admins have informed the community about, we will continue to work towards keeping the total supply under 1 billion.

We also want to remind everyone to enter the $10,000 Giveaway if you haven’t already. The giveaway is currently active but only for two more months. All winners will be announced on December 31, 2022.

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