Latest update

Latest update

The latest update comes with several new functions, expanding the application’s interface to new levels, giving all users more options to interact with within the app. The latest update provides all users instant feedback on the current market price of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrencies. Having all market figures in real-time and easily accessed within the app makes it more effortless for our users to keep up with the current supply and demand in order to obtain a better sense of when to capitalize on the cryptocurrency market.

With this update, we have also included Remint news feed in order for us to share upcoming updates and provide essential info on Remint’s progress throughout the project. The news feed will give our community a quicker alternative to digest necessary information about Remint. In addition, the news will be more rapidly distributed and reach a broader user base than before; this will ensure better project knowledge among our community. Other not-so-big modifications are made as well, such as implementing a BottomBar as a result of adding some additional pages and a few bug fixes.

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