Remint News website release

Remint News website release

We are pleased to introduce Remint News (, a brand-new website containing all the latest news on crypto and much more. It is a website for crypto enthusiasts and those who want to stay up to date with the latest news in the crypto space. Besides attaining knowledge from news articles, visitors can check out current ICOs and participate in different Airdrops. Furthermore, the site contains data on the 250 biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, and almost 500 cryptocurrency exchanges are ranked by a 24h trading volume.

We built this site for a few reasons: to provide our Remint users with an easy-to-digest crypto source that improves user knowledge, to grow the Remint user base by increasing the market reach, and the attainment of an additional source of income that helps the project to thrive. Remint News is a promotional medium that holds great potential in acquiring new Remint users. Also, be sure to follow Remint News on Twitter and Facebook, where we regularly post recent crypto articles. We hope you enjoy!

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