KYC Update Live

KYC Update Live

The KYC update is now available for all users to download from the Play store! Be sure to read FAQ and the News section in the app to understand the KYC requirements.

Along with this update, we have included two KYC-related questions in our FAQ to provide users with the necessary information on the KYC process. The questions are the following: “What documents are required for KYC?” and “What are the steps for completing KYC?” Please take a moment to read the answers to these questions before seeking assistance on the chat.

Furthermore, the new update includes a mandatory lucky wheel feature in the Daily tasks section. Users must spin the wheel until they receive the “open KYC” message. Once they receive this message, they will be able to unlock the KYC feature in the main menu and submit their documents for review.

The lucky wheel has been introduced to prevent a sudden surge of KYC requests from overwhelming our team. Instead, we will receive a manageable number of requests each day, which will help us ensure a smooth KYC process. The wheel will eventually be removed so that all users who haven’t yet obtained the “open KYC” message can proceed with their KYC requests.

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