New Update & VIP Available

New Update & VIP Available

The new app update now includes Remint VIP, which is currently available for free to all users for a five-day period. By upgrading to Remint VIP, users can receive a 100% boost on their earnings along with other perks within the five-day window. However, if a user intends to use the free period only, they must cancel their subscription before the five days are up to avoid being charged for the next period.

It’s worth noting that the monthly cost for a Remint VIP subscription is $3.99. When upgrading to Remint VIP and starting the free trial, the app may still display this price, which can be unclear at first. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that the first five days are free, and the user won’t be charged the $3.99 subscription fee as long as they cancel their subscription within the trial period. This information will be visible in Google’s payment terms.

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