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Bug question.

After 20 minutes, the screen stops frequently. What should I do?

You can try re-install the app and if it still remain an issue, please contact for guidance.

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Hello. Could you help me to solve the problem of logging in. I can't enter my account and get this message:

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Before login, have you tried deleting all data and cache? If so, and it still doesn't work, please contact for guidance.

I had the exact same problem and I managed to resolve it by deleting the app data without uninstalling and reinstalling the app

except that all my previous coin mining was gone as if I have just just created my account!! Unacceptable deal!

I'm sorry you had this unfortunate experience. It's uncommon among our users to lose their coins, but we encounter such a claim once in a while. I would suggest, always take a print screen occasionally for reference and go ahead and contact for guidance on this matter.