The Reasoning Behind Remint’s KYC Process

The Reasoning Behind Remint’s KYC Process

Every decision made by the core team is grounded in logic and geared towards elevating the project and increasing the likelihood of success. However, many users have expressed dissatisfaction with our KYC process on various social media platforms, particularly regarding two main questions: why include ads to the KYC wheel, and why don’t conduct KYC in batches?

The inclusion of ads in the KYC process serves as a significant source of income for the Remint project, enabling us to finance various business expenses such as employee salaries, development costs, and marketing expenses. Therefore, the more revenue the project generates, the higher the chances of a successful outcome that ultimately benefits the entire community.

As for conducting KYC in batches, many projects in the crypto realm have experienced KYC process failures due to an overload of KYC requests that overloaded their systems. To avoid making the same mistake and causing a potentially huge setback, the team reached a consensus to implement an alternative KYC process, given that we have over 250,000 monthly active users and will receive a significant number of KYC requests. The team receives KYC requests on a regular basis that gradually increase to ensure they are manageable and to avoid being overwhelmed with an unmanageable number of requests. Besides, as stated in a previous announcement, everyone will have their chance to be approved for KYC before Remint goes public on the market.

It’s crucial for everyone to understand that our focus cannot solely be on approving KYC requests. We must also allocate attention to other crucial tasks that will help propel the project to the next level. With only one year left until launch, there are still other important aspects to be addressed to ensure a successful launch. We kindly ask for your understanding on this matter and urge those who have been leaving negative comments on how we conduct KYC to refrain from doing so. Such comments only serve to harm the project and fellow community members who have faith in it.

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