Important KYC Announcement

Important KYC Announcement

The core team has received many faulty KYC requests; therefore, we want to clarify the KYC process to prevent wrongful KYC requests. Please ensure that the KYC data you provide is accurate and complete. For instance, a user’s KYC request will not be approved if they only submit their ID and selfie without verifying their email address. All KYC requests without verified email addresses will be rejected. Therefore, confirming your email address before proceeding to the second and third steps of the KYC process is crucial.

As previously announced, there is no need for users to submit a utility bill. Instead, a selfie is sufficient for the third step. This decision has been made in order to streamline the process for all users as well as the core team.

If you are still uncertain about how to proceed with the KYC process after unlocking the KYC feature in the app, please refer to our FAQ section, where you can find answers to commonly asked questions about KYC. You can access the FAQ page by clicking on this link:

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