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I100 listening issues on Philippianes

Am happy to be here remint community. This is because as i sight my eye on igniter i100 listening in Philippines which am a member from solmax company operate in London. Now am 70% convince of the reality in i100 listening process. Right now i don't have cent with me now until i100 list there share after court case issues in Philippines. Which legal personnel  live American. I can rejoice.

I give thanks to almighty God the father of my Lord Jesus Christ through the name of his son Jesus Christ: I also give special through the name of My Lord Jesus Christ to the CEO of remint , management and community etc. My pray is to see prosperity of remint coin in crypto world and be the talk every one talk Like "everyone telling go buy remint coin, mining it ,is a future coin that will sake the world. My pray to God to make i100 be listed and solve case issues on Philippines because i100 by June as they say so that I can collect my money am be happy as I pay my bills, feed my self.