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Giveaways for all...

All registered who participate must have a giveaways..All who participate that dont have the luck to win/choosen must give some consolation prizes..This thing is a simple ways to appreciate and give love and support to one another from remint team to remint holders/believers..vise versa

Everyone can't be the winner, unfortunately. There are over 8 000 participants, and if everyone were given a prize, our team would have to spend a lot of time and resources to make that happen. The giveaway system is not built that way so we would have to do it manually.

How to join giveaway ?


Quote from Yadi Hadiyanto on 11 October, 2022, 18:37

How to join giveaway ?

You can follow this link:


Nous sommes tous déjà gagnants si nous sommes dans l'extraction du Remint, dans un futur proche ceux qui voudront du Remint devront l'acheter.


Après comme pour le loto, quelques gagnants et beaucoup de bon joueurs.


Sur le Chatch de l'application pourquoi il n'y a pas la traduction comme sur le Forum ?


Je trouve ça vraiment dommage.

How to do in this giveaway, please...

Quote from Ramdhan Ramdhan on 28 November, 2022, 19:07

How to do in this giveaway, please...

This is the giveaway link: First, you choose one of five login options. When you're logged in, you can start to achieve different tasks in order to receive tickets in the giveaway. The more tickets you collect, the higher chance you have of winning the contest. All info about the giveaway you'll find in the link above.

This is a great app remint

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Great Jobs....