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Furniture household gadgets etc inclusion in the ecosystem

I wish to suggest a vibrant coin remint should be not only for real estate but also for household gadgets like tv sets hoofers fridges etc coupled with strategic trading site for the coin to control its price stability because if there is enough coins in the system the price stabilizes

The other is increase the speed when  such is happening for mines to have and bring in more coins to trade to stabilize the price

I appreciate your input and all suggestions are welcome in this forum. Our team has a lot of different ideas to expand upon and not all of them will be included (because there are too many of them). As of now, we have decided to stick to the real estate market because of its never-ending opportunities.
We may execute ideas in other financial markets, but those shall correlate to this particular market.

We have a fixed ''total supply'' and we don't want it to run out too quickly. As a matter of fact, we may even burn some coins to ensure a higher value for each existing coin and this should benefit all of our users. As a role, an increase in the circulating supply (when the demand remains the same) means that the value decrease and this is usually not good for neither miners nor investors.