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$10 000 Remint Giveaway

The Remint giveaway is here! Opt in to win your share of $10,000 and 100,000 Remint coins!

While this giveaway is live we will also host smaller giveaways monthly!

Winners 1-10 will receive $1,000 worth of BTC or bank transfer each

Winners 11-20 will receive 10,000 Remint coins each

To enter the competition, simply log in by clicking one of the sign-in buttons of choice, down below. In order to secure as many tickets as possible and really increase your chances of winning,  you will want to achieve as many tasks you possibly can.

Important! You need to have an active Remint account to participate and reap the rewards. If you don't have an account yet, please go ahead and follow two easy steps. 1. Register by logging in to this giveaway 2. Execute the third task (Download our app) in the list below, this will take you directly to the download page on Google Play. In addition, you'll receive one extra ticket when the task is done.zws